Knoll Interactive Archive

Knoll Interactive Archive


Knoll, the influential American design firm, asked Schema to design and develop an interactive archive to commemorate their 80th anniversary. The archive incorporates information and imagery for events, products and designers from Knoll’s founding years to the present day. It can be viewed through three different lenses: a timeline, a view showing connections and a grid. Each view offers a new way to discover the company’s rich history and diverse catalogue.

Statement of the jury

The interactive archive presents the products, designers and events of Knoll’s 80-year corporate history in three different views, each of which fascinates at first glance, awakens curiosity and makes you want to immerse yourself in the rich history of the company. The application is intuitive to understand and reduced very cleanly to the essentials. The spatial representation in the »Connections« view is particularly fascinating. An extremely well put-together website in terms of graphics with excellently prepared content.


Excellent Communications Design
Interactive User Experience