Corporate Design für Unentdeckte Mangelware

Corporate Design für Unentdeckte Mangelware


Unentdeckte Mangelware (lit. undiscovered scarce articles) is a theatre collective that wants to get involved and spark change. Its focus is on people, societal change and networks. The developed corporate identity serves to highlight this approach. The logo is memorable and features deliberate idiosyncrasies. The communication concept visualises the collective’s development as well as connectivity, while the visual storytelling takes up the theme of society and socially relevant issues.

Statement of the jury

The extraordinary theatre name, combined with the striking font, created an exciting contrast to the otherwise clearly formed presence which had been reduced to the bare essentials, thus making the design highly recognisable. In addition, the quality of the photo aesthetic, with its distinctive images that demonstrate a high artistic standard, arouses curiosity.


Excellent Communications Design
Corporate Identity