Vellamo – Natural Mineral Water

Vellamo – Natural Mineral Water


Vellamo water originates from an Ice Age glacier. When that glacier started to melt, flowing waters ran through the ice, meandered deep down into the Nordic soil, filled an underground canyon and got sealed off from the atmosphere. It stayed untouched for thousands of years, until the end of the 20th century it when this water reservoir was discovered. Vellamo Water has an iconic story which calls for an iconic bottle. A bottle that tells the story and truly is as unique as the water itself.

Statement of the jury

The fascinating story has been transferred to the design of the bottle in a distinctive and comprehensible way. The blue shimmer of the transparent glass bottle evokes purity and the freshness of pure ice. Another good idea is that the printed information on the origin and mineral composition must be read through the water, which further emphasises its clarity.


Excellent Communications Design