Neue Hopfenpost in München

Neue Hopfenpost in München


By applying 170 lens lamps from the ONYXX.LED series and integrating blue optic filters, Cédric Davies has visually upgraded the shopping mall of the Neue Hopfenpost in Munich, Germany. The lamps which beam cone-shaped light indirectly to the ceiling are mounted invisibly behind a 42 m long, black powder-coated, aluminium housing and along the two haunches. Additional lamps are mounted directly onto the housing providing further direct illumination to the mall. A real eye-catcher.

Statement of the jury

The luminaire installed on the ceiling above the escalator combines blue and white light to form a fascinating graphic pattern of artificially intersecting cones of light, achieving an almost spatial sculptural effect. A distinctive lighting design that enhances the passage in a modern and elegant way.


Excellent Architecture
Retail Architecture