Palo Cortado

Palo Cortado


The concept idea was to combine a tour through three well-defined spaces: The entrance is framed as a traditional market, designed with a trompe l’oeil of boxes of fish made in marble. The bar with a window to the kitchen treats the client as a star guest, interacting with him in the process where the fresh product is transformed. The gastronomic restaurant is immersed in a global metropolitan space with the comfort and tranquillity that high gastronomic creation demands.

Statement of the jury

The »Marketplace« located next to the counter offers real products that are used in the kitchen, lending the restaurant an individual touch. The high proportion of wood creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere, further intensified by the subtle lighting. The fish boxes, made of marble rather than Styrofoam or plastic, are very original. A harmonious interior that surprises the visitor with interesting details.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture