METROPOLENHAUS Am Jüdischen Museum

METROPOLENHAUS Am Jüdischen Museum


METROPOLENHAUS at the Jewish Museum, Berlin encompasses 1,000 sqm of ground floor, with small shops, gastronomy and non-commercial project rooms – cross-financed by the sale of residential and commercial units in the five upper storeys. Floor to ceiling windows and loggias connect inside and outside, while public and private spaces overlap on the ground floor. Here, the cultural platform feldfünf curates open spaces and projects with creative actors, working towards the creation of community and neighbourhood.

Statement of the jury

The definition of iconic architecture requires comprehensive planning that not only establishes an unmistakable connection to the environment, but also plays a central role in the quality of life of the people in it. The modern and contemporary style of the Metropolenhaus with its socio-cultural usage concept fits harmoniously into the urban district both aesthetically and socially and therefore reflects the definition of iconic architecture.


Excellent Architecture