In the beginning, there was a hotel name that was difficult to remember and a logo showing a Frangipani flower. Both had to be filled with meaning. The three letters lti became »leben, träumen, innehalten« (live, dream, relax), which is also the new slogan. The flower with its five petals now symbolises the brand promise of »recreation for all senses«. It also serves as a supersign. The brand colouring and the pictures in their azure blue and white colour mood underline the value of the brand.

Statement of the jury

The way the stylised flower shape is carried through the entire brand imagery from the logo to the ornaments, down to the icons of the orientation systems, has been implemented with a true sense of detail. The colour and image scheme reflects the brand promise in all its facets and the gold primary colour underscores the timeless elegance of the design. A consistent presence that is coherent in form and content appeals to the senses and evokes the desire to go on holiday.


Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity