Relaunch – Schwarzwald Wein. Gut. – Andreas Männle

Relaunch – Schwarzwald Wein. Gut. – Andreas Männle


The renowned Black Forest vineyard Andreas Männle was handed down from the third to the fourth generation. On that occasion SICHTWECHSEL carried out a relaunch of the entire brand communication. A wind of change is blowing through the estate, and the renewed energy of the next generation is reflected in the new look. At the heart of the redesign are the new bottle labels, which underline the estate’s tradition of excellence with discreetly applied refinement and a pencil drawing of the vineyard.

Statement of the jury

The design of the stickers combines tradition and distinctive elements of the founder with the freshness of a modern and future-oriented brand image. The pencil drawing not only creates a connection to the region, but also makes the bottle unmistakable on shelves. A clean and consistent design.


Excellent Communications Design
Brand Identity