NONOMO® Federwiegen-Set Baby Classic

NONOMO® Federwiegen-Set Baby Classic


The NONOMO® Swinging Hammock has made countless parents happy by swinging children to sleep in a relaxed way – at home or on the go. In combination with its timeless form and natural materials, it has already become an icon that is essential in children’s rooms. The gentle sway recalls for babies the protection of their mother’s womb. Thanks to the ergonomic curve, their body weight is evenly distributed over the entire back. Sleep simply couldn’t be more natural.


Matchless, shrewd and portable the product outwardly reinvents the traditional hammock specially for the needs of newborns and babies. The wide base covered in metal appears to serve as a solid base for the natural materials that support and sooth the baby in a gently swaying cloth cot, which appears to simulate the movement of a foetus in the womb.


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