HV 1/1 Bp

HV 1/1 Bp


The battery-powered handheld vacuum cleaner HV 1/1 Bp combines powerful performance with compact design and cordless freedom. The design with dynamic lines and rounded edges, together with the anthracite colouring, are appropriate for the commercial use of this vacuum cleaner. With a weight of 1.8 kg, the practical and light machine is ideal for flexible use in trades as well as in building aor vehicle cleaning. The efficient turbine ensures high suction power and very good cleaning results.

Statement of the jury

The dynamic design language communicates pure performance and quality. The ergonomically designed handle ensures that the vacuum cleaner sits perfectly in the hand and, thanks to the rechargeable battery, there is no annoying cable. The corporate colour yellow ensures that all control elements stand out clearly from the rest of the case. Using the perfectly-implemented corporate brand design, it is a well thought-out design that is both functionally and formally impressive.


Excellent Product Design