XS family of toys

XS family of toys


With its innovative 3D toy bricks and 3D jigsaw puzzles, the XS family of toys (patents pending) fosters creativity and promotes spatial dexterity, imagination and problem- solving skills in young curious minds. Helping children learn better through active brain- teasing fun and challenging logic play, this range addresses the need for stimulating STEM toys for the children of tomorrow. Designed primarily for children of formative ages, these toys will keep users of all ages engrossed for hours.

Statement of the jury

Simple to use, colourful and engaging, the product family seemingly provides building blocks in four variations with an uncomplicated, instinctive click-together attachment built in. Attachable on all sides, the product ostensibly provides limitless possibilities for building and exploring the imagination while aiding spatial development in children.


Excellent Product Design
Baby and Child Care