Working to understand the behaviour of people, citizens and consumers, Danish analysis and consulting firm, Epinion, delivers insights that help businesses and institutions understand their reality. Expressed through the contrasting shapes of the square and the circle, the corporate identity design arises from Epinion’s fused approach, combining hard facts with soft insights. Because there are two sides to every story. Big data needs context to make sense. Numbers need stories – and vice versa.

Statement of the jury

The outstanding design system creates a more than convincing presentation of the Danish analytical company that helps companies and institutions to understand reality better. Contrasting shapes made of circles and squares create an intriguing and minimal design language. It corresponds with the approach of Epinion to combine soft data and hard facts. As an example for Big Data, a context is created here, which moves away from mere numbers, establishes meaning, and creates an attractive corporate identity.


Excellent Communications Design
Corporate Identity