The power of nature in a cabin. The world’s first Climate Cabin combines the best of the sauna and infrared world with high-quality materials: loam, moss and stone pine, all blended into a unique form made from OSB. – First Klimakabine® – First loam cabin: loam as an ecological climate regulator – First cabin with moss filter: moss as natural air purifier – Stone pine, the most relaxing, soothing and antibacterial wood – Unique, sloping door opening with darkened privacy glazing.

Statement of the jury

The seat cabin made of natural materials like clay and wood guarantees unadulterated relaxation. The inclined panorama glazing serves as door and viewing window to the surroundings and the sky. An extraordinary product, which is a great refuge, e.g. when installed in the garden, and which facilitates maximum calm and relaxation.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Eco Design