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Landkreis Heilbronn

Landkreis Heilbronn


The idea behind the logo is to build a bridge between the Landratsamt (district administration office) – based in the Heilbronn City – and the Landkreis (district of Heilbronn). This bridge is created by the red bracket, which also forms the entrance portal of the building. The three green bars represent the region characterised by the forest, agriculture and viticulture and are also part of the building façade. The colour also perfectly reflects the variety of tasks in modern administration.

Statement of the jury

Outstanding design idea: A red bracket dominates the logo, making a connection between the city and district of Heilbronn and at the same time forms its entry portal. Three bars stand for the region characterised by forest, agriculture and viticulture and optimally convey the strong corporate identity of the modern administration.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design
Corporate Identity


Landratsamt Heilbronn