Kandidatenorientiertes Designmakeover des DB Karriereportals

Kandidatenorientiertes Designmakeover des DB Karriereportals


Each year our team competes to recruit 25,000 new colleagues for DB in Germany. A core element of the recruiting strategy is the career portal. Portal and jobboard, are the centre of all our activities and work as a content hub for ten million visits and 400k online applications per year. Within four months, our team adapted the new CD/CI specifications to the needs of our applicants and updated the portal in an efficient and agile way using continuous user testing and an iterative development approach.

Statement of the jury

Successful adjustment of corporate design to the needs of competitors. A motivating and helpful career portal arose with the aim of recruiting 25,000 new colleagues in Germany and installing an effective job exchange for ten million visitors and 400,000 online applications annually.


Excellent Communications Design