Limen Teapot

Limen Teapot


Limen is a handcrafted heirloom teapot, nuanced by the traditions of Swiss folk ceramics in Berneck. The teapot combines motifs from Chinese porcelain, techniques of Bernecker Bauernkeramik and organic forms, inspired by human gesture. Limen’s kinetic silhouette subconsciously encourages you to pour your favourite tea. In Chinese culture, lifting the lid of an empty teapot is the polite way of asking for a refill. Limen can be tilted to portray this empty state.

Statement of the jury

The design formally combines two cultural styles into one well-shaped, beautifully simple porcelain teapot of timeless elegance. The ingenious solution of communicating the two states – full and empty – through its angled base is what makes this item so distinctive.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design