Shanghai Qibao Ming Qiang Primary School

Shanghai Qibao Ming Qiang Primary School


We have maximised the use of original wall surface and inter-layer space to meet the capacity requirement for the book collection, including the side space of tatami platforms. The green metal frames form the spire-shaped roof top that gives the reading room a touch of fun, like in a toy house. The sideboard design on the second floor mimics a wooden ship, metaphorically sailing in the ocean of books. The design highlights the vibrant colour embellished within the wood grain texture.

Statement of the jury

The interior of the library is full of surprises with original ideas carried out to a high level of design, making it possible for the user to experience an exceptional stay. A playful and varied design that touches people at an emotional level.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture


Shanghai Qibao Ming Qiang Primary School