TIER PowerBox

TIER PowerBox


The Powerbox is a versatile battery swap station for micromobility, designed to revolutionise how shared e-scooters recharge. Powerboxes are placed in shops across the city to create a charging network. Users are incentivised to swap a low battery in exchange for a free ride. User-based recharging ops mark a new era for micromobility. Powerboxes are a very scaleable infrastructure, they are plug and play and require no installation. A multi-vehicle Powerbox grid is the future of the gas station.

Statement of the jury

Empty batteries in, charged out. It could not be simpler and more convenient; the charging status is indicated by red and green LEDs. Anyone can intuitively understand deftly realised logical system, which also includes an app. Thanks to its compact dimensions and likeable contemporary stylistic language, the station fits into many different shop environments and nevertheless appears so striking and independent that it is immediately identifiable. An intriguing project that elegantly solves the charging problem.


Excellent Product Design