Castellum Lamp

Castellum Lamp


The decorative »Castellum« lamp is inspired by the Danish Church in Bispeberg, Grundtvigskirken. The powder coated steel gives the table lamp a solid finish, representing strength and stability – just like castle gates and church portals. The white center allows the dimmable LED light inside to shine through. Drawing associations to the star sun in the sky as well as the round window by the entrance of Gruntvigskirken, the gold-plated ball functions as the ON/OFF switch.

Statement of the jury

Inspired by the portal of the Danish church in Bispeberg, Grundtvigskirken, the design of the »Castellum« lamp is a beautiful example of the playful approach to classical sacred architecture and makes the beautiful lamp an eye-catcher in any interior.


Excellent Product Design


AYTM by Gran Living APS


AYTM design team