Six-Directions Meditation Courtyard House

Six-Directions Meditation Courtyard House


The design follows the world outlook of Six-Directions in Buddhism and integrates the architecture into the surroundings from East, West, South, North, Sky and Earth as if it grew naturally from the wild. Meanwhile, it introduces natural factors into the space, enabling users to have a connection with the surroundings with their five senses. It creates a natural and peaceful space for people to slow down to spend time with nature and themselves in the face of rapid and intense urbanization nowadays.

Statement of the jury

The more hectic and fast paced our modern world becomes, the more important places for slowing down and finding inner contemplation will be. In the »Six-Directions Meditation Courtyard House«, a building has been realised that — with its extraordinary Buddhist architecture follows the six directions, perfectly integrating the building into its surroundings among East, West, South, North, Heaven and Earth — as if it had grown naturally in the wild. Alongside this comes a fascinating use of materials, whose special appearance is enhanced by the deft interplay of light and shadow. An extraordinary design, aesthetically impressive right down to the last detail, that enables its inhabitants to connect to the lush natural surroundings with their 5 senses and experience a feeling of peace and security.


Excellent Architecture


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