The focus was placed on the idea of environmental protection. Thanks to the hollow handle, the use of plastic could be kept to an absolute minimum. The reduction in weight is accompanied by an ergonomic design of the handles, resulting in a balanced shape that facilitates work with the brushes and minimises the risk of wrist pain. Another extraordinary feature is the uniformly coloured combination of handle and ferrule, which is manufactured in one piece, along with the trimming.

Statement of the jury

The brush series »SPOKAR NOVA« combines excellent performance and ergonomics with sustainability in one striking design with a high recognition factor. Thanks to the hollow handle, the brushes are lightweight, easy to hold and easy on the joints. This has also reduced the use of plastic to an absolute minimum. The clean transition from the handle to the ferrule also works really well. The SPOKAR NOVA brush series is a good example of how you can make a comparably pared-down, generic product even simpler, more sustainable and more ergonomic, resulting in an even better overall product.


Excellent Product Design
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