The design of the Ochama pick-up shops makes it look effortlessly simple, yet behind the scenes these stores are state of the art. They come fully equipped with robots, a completely automated warehouse and, self-service pick-up machines. Ochama commissioned us to create an integrated formula. A concept that, according to good Dutch custom, celebrates the simplicity of everyday products. Ochama embraced the Dutch saying "doe maar gewoon, dan doe je gek genoeg” (just act normal, which is quite crazy already). Based on this, we created a "no nonsense, customer first" formula with high quality for a competitive price.

Statement of the jury

The design of the »Ochama pick-up shops« welcomes customers with a friendly-looking installation made of wooden poles, which create a clear reference to the brand with their red connectors and the blue-zoned floor of the waiting area.


Excellent Architecture
Retail Architecture