INTHE_Shop is a multi-brand furniture boutique that brings art into life. Space with stairs, walls and two floors give the space full functionality to present products and hold exhibitions. Right mix of different color tones, gray, green and brick red, display and complement the furniture products, creating a space with refinement and vitality.

Statement of the jury

In the »INTHE_Shop« furniture boutique, two levels connected by an iconic spiral staircase as well as perfectly coordinated and balanced colors and shapes provide the adequate display framework for high-quality furniture. Particularly appealing are the quarter-circle radii used in a variety of ways, which form an interesting contrast to the right angles of the almost graphic room architecture. In addition, there are refined lines of sight and perspectives that constantly send the eye in search of the next furniture highlight. The fact that visitors can expect an extraordinary and vitalizing showroom experience becomes clear as soon as they enter the boutique, when they cross the beautifully designed entrance area and literally feel the gesture of welcome in form and color.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture




Hong Designworks
Dang Ming, Li Dandi