Mono V

Mono V


The Mono Cutlery of the 21st Century, by Berlin-based designer Mark Braun – Made in Germany. Mono V is not just a name, but a central design and functional element. One part, the V-embossing of the handle gives stability, which makes it possible to use a resource-saving material: a 1. 5mm thin stainless steel sheet. On the other hand, the V, which runs smoothly over the length of the handle, creates striking aesthetics. In use, the V impresses with its pleasant feel and space-saving stacking.

Statement of the jury

With "Mono V", Mark Braun creates a modern, contemporary design for the cutlery manufactory whose history began in 1959 with the Mono A line designed by Prof. Peter Raacke. Mono V respectfully distances itself from Raacke's design classic and yet, in its radicalness, is equally groundbreaking for the Mono brand. Cutlery is rethought - without compromise. The V in the name embodies the distinctive V-shaped embossing and thus also the creative approach behind the design. Since the embossing gives the cutlery stability, the amount of metal required can be reduced, which saves resources. It can also be stacked in a space-saving way and not only flatters the hands when used, but also the eye with its elegant design language, thus ennobling every table.


Excellent Product Design