Hwa Hun (Blooming House)

Hwa Hun (Blooming House)


The Blooming House is a small castle overrun by nature: We used the dynamic lines of the mountain range in the background as a point of reference for the context of the surroundings. The owner wanted an implementation of the concept “living in nature”. We constructed the house out of polyhedrons, which form a harmonious shape that integrates into the backdrop of the nearby mountain summits and, at the same time, is reminiscent of a shape made of folded white paper. All usable external surfaces of the Blooming House were enriched with plants.

Jury statement

With its jagged-edged contours and the cut-out triangles, the incisive architecture incorporates features of the surrounding landscape. At the same time, the outer wall resembles the wall of a castle and provides a feeling of security in the interior.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design