Race Flex Series

Race Flex Series


Outstanding performance and puristic design are the hallmarks of the Race Flex pump series. The innovative EZ-Head allows the pumps to be locked into place with one hand while the retractable hose protects the integrity of the valve. CNC-machined grooves offer superb grip in combination with the sand-blasted and anodised finish. The models differ in their diameters optimized for high volume or high pressure. Moreover the aluminium EZ-Head of the hybrid models means it can be combined with CO2 cartridges.

Statement of the jury

Their compactness notwithstanding, these stylish pumps are easy to use for their intended purpose, i.e. inflating bicycle tires. The pumps also have two excellent features: they can be used for various valves, a cartridge can be attached to them, thus making them even more convenient to use.


Excellent Product Design
Universal Design