The Living surface

The Living surface


For this publication by publishing house Jap Sam Books, the Dutch design and research based Studio Renate Boere has developed a striking and noteworthy book, in which the work of Dutch designer Lizan Freijsen is displayed on cleverly laid out spreads and folded around the cover. »The Living Surface« documents a selection of stains meticulously and studies them. It analyses a wide range of shapes and colour possibilities and explains the tufting technique applied by the artist to make her carpets.

Statement of the jury

Coffee, rust and mildew stains tend to strike most people as odd if not downright repellent, at first glance. But through closer inspection and their being reduced to colour, form and shading, they offer unique templates for art and design, as the unusual book »The Living Surface« impressively proves, in no small measure thanks to its superb design. It features a harmonious and interestingly relaxed layout, a font that goes perfectly with the design, superbly executed tri-lingual captions, and intriguing photos.


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