Weltweit erste passivhauszertifizierte Nullschwelle

Weltweit erste passivhauszertifizierte Nullschwelle


With its innovative combination of sustainable materials and sophisticated technology down to the last detail, the magnetic zero threshold represents a true barrier-free revolution for house/balcony doors. The world’s first zero-threshold passive house certificate as well as the highest certified driving rain seal and other technical marvels make ergonomically annoying door-stop thresholds superfluous An aesthetically flowing transition provides comfort, universal design and system-safe leak-tightness for every user.

Statement of the jury

ALUMAT Frey has succeeded in bringing the world’s first passive-house-certified zero threshold onto the market. A formally and technically elegant, barrier-free solution made of sustainable materials that opens up new possibilities for architects and planners. An impressive piece of innovation.


Excellent Product Design
Universal Design