EFFEKTOR® 4.0 Bike Bib Shorts

EFFEKTOR® 4.0 Bike Bib Shorts


Our EFFEKTOR® 4.0 stands out from the competition with its Partialkompression® technology. Typical compression wear applies a unified pressure over the entire skin surface, forcing blood capillaries deeper into the flesh, limiting the body’s natural thermoregulation. Partialkompression® exerts pressure over spaced ridges allowing for better cooling. Our bike pad is sewn in by hand to ensure maximum comfort. To further improve thermoregulation, this bike bib uses the new ThermoSyphon® technology.

Statement of the jury

Standard compression clothing exerts a uniform pressure over the entire skin surface and restricts the natural thermoregulation of the body. The EFFEKTOR 4.0 Bike Bib Shorts, on the other hand, differ from conventional compression garments in one essential respect: they only partially apply pressure, and only along spaced bars, which together with the new ThermoSyphon technology, provides significantly better cooling. It is also remarkable that the suit is completely made in 3D knit and has an impressively unique fit. The bike pad was sewn in by hand, ensuring a perfect level of comfort. An innovative high-performance garment that sets new standards in terms of thermoregulation and wearing comfort.


Excellent Product Design
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