PARTS-FIT is a series of disaster prevention supplies to be kept in the office. In the typical working office, emergency provisioning can be accomplished with minimal space using the original module, which fits neatly into the furniture. Also, in case an emergency does occur, we are heightening recognition through added graphics (colour tags, illustrations, etc.), with consideration to people seeing the PARTS-FIT for the first time, whether they are young or old, Japanese or foreign.

Statement of the jury

Space is precious and rare in the major cities of Japan. At the same time, disaster control in earthquake-prone areas such as Tokyo is a top priority, which is why emergency aids should be as readily available as possible in the event of an emergency. PARTS-FIT answers this challenge at the highest level in terms of design. A range of emergency supplies is packaged in boxes of different sizes that take up a minimum of space thanks to their extremely clever proportions. In addition, clear lettering ensures that information about the contents of each box can be understood at first glance – not just in Japanese, but also in English and as a pictogram in different colours. A highly intelligent, clean, sustainable and pragmatic solution.


Excellent Communications Design