Malmö City Theatre

Malmö City Theatre


The art of improvisation and free falling inspired Urgent.Agency to create Malmö City Theatre’s temporary identity. To convey that the theatre was in transition – and heading towards a larger transformation – Urgent.Agency chose to undress the theatre. The theatre has re-emerged naked, with nothing but the bare essentials of the theatre: the ensemble, props and fantastic stories! In the years to come, the identity will keep exploring – while getting dressed again.

Statement of the jury

Those who, like the Malmö City Theatre, find themselves in a temporary transition phase must be able to improvise. At the same time, improvisation is an important part of every good theatre troupe. And that’s exactly what this temporary »naked« performance is all about. Unclothed and equipped only with the most important props, the ensemble is visually scaled back, yet intense and truthful. This creates a strong show that is free of design (in a positive sense) and which demands attention and piques curiosity without any voyeurism. A very good approach to the subject, which makes it clear what theatre is all about. The hand-inserted graphics strengthen the sense of improvisation.


Excellent Communications Design
Corporate Identity