JP SET 11.3 basin mixer by JOHN PAWSON

JP SET 11.3 basin mixer by JOHN PAWSON


Bathroom/kitchen faucet by John Pawson, re-inventor of minimalism. Using pure and geometrical shapes and always honouring the golden ratio make it a timeless collection. While the faucet handles are small, they make a big statement. They are the handshake of the bathroom. Made to last a lifetime, 100% made from AISI316 marine-grade stainless steel and available in three colours.

Statement of the jury

The fitting set consisting of tap and control lever uses a wonderfully clear, minimalist and harmoniously proportioned design language. A consistently unembellished, timelessly elegant design that combines the highest quality and sophisticated form, that fits into many bathroom environments and complements a purist furnishing style very beautifully.


Excellent Product Design
Bath and Wellness