Primario Loupe Series

Primario Loupe Series


Natural light taken in through three large arches brightly illuminates objects. Also, because tools such as tweezers can easily be inserted from any of its three arches, it is very convenient to use in hobby activities. Furthermore, it can also be laid on its side, using a three-legged shape. Simple and very convenient to use – read newspapers, dictionaries, maps and much more just by placing it on whatever you want to see up close.

Statement of the jury

The design of the Primario magnifier series, in particular that of the striking tripods, was obviously derived from the function and succeeds at a high level. Three curved cut-outs provide sufficient light incidence and at the same time form three filigree feet. An impressively simple and yet very elegant solution, which looks even more distinguished and high-quality thanks to the use of different surfaces. Whether as a single piece or grouped together, the magnifiers are as practical as they are timelessly beautiful and, when not in use, become a decorative eye-catcher on the desk.


Excellent Product Design