ZNAP Wallet

ZNAP Wallet


The ZNAP wallet combines the comfort of use of a regular wallet with the easy card access of a credit card holder. It is made out of CNC-milled aluminium, sustainable cork fabric and genuine leather. Its compact design allows for comfortable front-pocket placement. Main features: fast access to up to twelve cards, innovative card holding mechanism, easy access to money notes, no folding necessary, hidden removeable coin case, prevents RFID skimming, blocks RFID signals.

Statement of the jury

Charming, reduced, effective and portable, the ZNAP Wallet is an ostensibly intelligent redesign of the classic wallet to cater for modern day needs. Smart placement of compartments ensures cards are swiftly available when required whilst a collapsible section provides space for paper money that does not, therefore, need to be folded.


Excellent Product Design
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