Wheely is a pottery wheel which work like a bike. First Wheely is a wooden puzzle for kids. They can remove every pieces from this puzzle and build their pottery wheel. Wheely is a tool for playing, enjoying and learning designed to put in contact kids with hands craft. There are two main phases of project like DIY philosophy: first build the instrument, then create something with it.

To use less wood as possible, every pieces of mechanism are cut whith CNC from only one wood surface.

Statement of the jury

An environmentally friendly, interactive and well-thought-out piece that engages children in various ways. From combining the wooden elements to create a bike-like frame to using the pedals to power a potter’s wheel, the product ostensibly encourages children to become active in handicrafts from woodwork to earthenware, encouraging artistic endeavour as well as hand-to-eye coordination.


Excellent Product Design
Baby and Child Care