The smart cushion that helps keep your child safer in the car. Tata’s design ensures your child’s comfort while in the car. Adaptable to all child seats, easy to install, removable and washable. Tata is able to detect whether your child is on board. If you step away from the car and your baby is still on board, Tata will warn you and your emergency contacts with three incremental alarms. Tata uniquely adapts its alarms to different risk situations, ensuring maximum child safety.

Statement of the jury

Minimal, up-to-the-minute and high tech, Tata is a simple cushion with a minimal footprint. By utilising an app that is linked to Tata through Bluetooth, an alarm is activated on the users’ smartphone when they are spatially removed from the baby sitting on it. A seemingly modern solution to a contemporary problem.


Excellent Product Design
Baby and Child Care