Wohnhochhaus SonnenTurm im Finkenpark Fürth

Wohnhochhaus SonnenTurm im Finkenpark Fürth


In terms of the overall effect, the SonnenTurm presents itself post-renovation as an innovative residential building that meets today’s socio-cultural as well as structural-energetic requirements. A redesign process took place that gave the building a new quality, both outside and in. The newly added, freestanding balcony construction changes the appearance of the building significantly. Flexible glass elements create flowing transition zones between inside and outside with a high level of living quality.

Statement of the jury

The attached balcony construction with its colour-contrasting sun-protection elements not only enhances the appearance of the façade, it also enhances the quality of life. An additional construction measure that makes sense both in terms of form and function.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Universal Design