Sena R1

Sena R1


The Sena R1 is equipped with a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system. Stay in touch with up to three riding companions via the built-in intercom. Pair the helmet with a smartphone to listen to data and cues from fitness apps, GPS directions, music, and even take and make phone calls. The open ear speakers allow riders to maintain complete awareness of their surroundings for a safer ride. The in-mould polycarbonate shell ensures the best protection.

Statement of the jury

This helmet not only meets the most exacting standards for safety, but is also notable for the Bluetooth technology adroitly integrated into the design – thus enabling comfortable communication. When worn properly, the helmet supports the use of multimedia technology – but not at the expense of the safety of the cyclist, who can still hear all ambient sounds even with the helmet on.


Excellent Product Design
Conceptional Bicycles and E-Bikes