Pirnar Theatrica Entrance Wall

Pirnar Theatrica Entrance Wall


Pirnar’s Theatrica is a patented innovation. It is the first massive, contactless and completely automatic entrance wall on the market. It is sufficient just to look at it. The face recognition system recognizes the owner, then gently opens and closes behind him/her. Theatrica can be made in large dimensions, even as a double door, which creates the impression of an opening wall. A clean surface that is not spoiled by any handle can be processed how you like – in wood, stone, glass or aluminium.

Statement of the jury

This ultra-modern door is operated solely via electronics and automatically performs facial recognition – which is why the clear surface is devoid of any visually jarring door handle. Plus, the door is completely frame-free. An exclusive door design that leverages the opportunities afforded by modern technology and transmutes them into a pure aesthetic.


Excellent Product Design
Building and Elements