eco Suites, A Reed-Clad Hotel

eco Suites, A Reed-Clad Hotel


The camouflaged hotel. The swimming pool facade (NE-NW) is completely covered with sliding panels clad in local reed that grows on the hotel site. The reed panels hide the full-height glass windows behind them, creating a softer, more discreet, non-reflective facade that blends into the natural surroundings. At the same time, the sliding reed panels provide sun protection and privacy to the inhabitant, as they enable guests to transform their balconies into private outdoor rooms.

Statement of the jury

The consistent use of reed panels as sun protection in front of the windows forms an intriguing contrast to the elegant, strictly-linear stylistic elements with their pure white surfaces. In addition, the reed panels establish a connection with nature, which allows the architecture to partially blend in with it.


Excellent Architecture