neon bakery

neon bakery


Proposal for the renovation of an old taverna to be revamped as a bakery and a coffee shop. The original adobe shell was clad with a fine dress made from wavy perforated aluminium sheets accommodating all the ancillary infrastructure supporting the façades. At nighttime the building turns into a lantern informing the travellers of its presence. In the interior concrete flooring and white gypsum-pleated walls create a visually »clean« environment with the colourful goods taking centre stage.

Statement of the jury

Despite deliberately placed decorative elements, like the folded plaster structure on the walls, the interior is pleasantly clean and clear, which is underscored by the consistent use of white. A very friendly, bright interior, which provides the perfect framework for presenting the products for sale.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Retail Architecture


Neon bakery&coffee


Studio 2Pi Architecture