Interview with Katharina Düing


You are a »Finalist« for the German Design Award 2023 – Newcomer. What does this award mean for you and your work?


Being a German Design Awards 2023 – Newcomer »Finalist« encourages me in my decision to be a designer and makes me happy.


The project you prefer is called »Back on top in June«. Can you briefly specify what exactly is behind it?


The title of the graphic novel comes from Frank Sinatra's That's life. The statement embodies the fact that, as the psychologist Thomas Bock says, any help can only start with the inner hope, with the »unravelling« that this mood will also pass again. The aim of the work is to strengthen this hope.


What role does the colour blue play in this?


A dark blue is calm, appears trustworthy and protective – it radiates security overall. Together with a violet, which is considered sensitive and intuitive, among other things, it creates a melancholic and calming atmosphere with a strong inward effect.


What constitutes »contemporary design« for you? Which criteria would have to be fulfilled in particular?


For me, »contemporary design« is that which questions existing structures and power relations, expands spaces for action, offers new forms of representation and is always anti-fascist. Particularly important criteria are accessibility, language appropriate to the target group, diversity and inclusivity.


What are you currently working on?


At the moment, I am busy with the publication of »Back on top« in June, preparing my master's thesis and working on paintings.


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