ACM City One

ACM City One


»ACM« is a Germany-based company that has developed an innovative, flexible and low-cost city electric vehicle for the masses (The »ACM CITY ONE«) which uses a simple, home-based charging solution and has swappable range-extender batteries. An intelligent real-time fleet data platform that integrates users, vehicles and energy supply enables the addition of value-added services and helps to maximize utilization and efficiency for fleet operators.

Statement of the jury

The »City One« is a cost-effective e-car that can be conveniently charged via the household socket and can also be operated with exchangeable batteries, while the design, which is as compact as it is appealing, reflects the demand for flexibility and functionality very nicely.


Excellent Product Design
Conceptional Transportation


ACM Adaptive City Mobility


naumann-design, Prof. Peter Naumann