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Dali Azores

Dali Azores


The »Dali Azores« are women's shoes produced in white cork and bicolour handmade weaving, made with Cork-a-Tex - a new and highly technological thread of cork and cotton, awarded internationally. Marita Moreno, a sustainable and responsible brand, worked with an Azorean textile crafter and developed a unique handmade fabric, with the heritage drawings of Azorean Repasso, with a very delicate work and a soft and dry touch. It’s made in Portugal and numbered to a limited line of 25 pairs.

Statement of the jury

For the exclusive »Dali Açores« women's shoes, a special and artfully hand-woven yarn made of cork and cotton is used, which makes the shoes unique.


Excellent Product Design
Eco Design


Marita Moreno


Marita Moreno