Schüco LightSkin powered by Zumtobel

Schüco LightSkin powered by Zumtobel


Schüco LightSkin is the smallest, most efficient and fully profile-integrated LED lighting solution. With it, fascinating illuminations become possible that give buildings an individual appearance even at night. Thanks to a unique beam angle, it also succeeds in reducing light pollution to a minimum. Energy requirements were also able to be considerably reduced while generating the optimum level of light density. In addition, Schüco LightSkin has further impressive qualities such as significantly lower maintenance costs. For use in façade illumination, for example, it is preferable in comparison with halogen floodlights, owing to the longer life of the LEDs. Wiring can be done quickly and flexibly during the simplest of installation. In this way, Schüco LightSkin is an attractive alternative to floodlights.


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