HYT – mobile Übernachtungseinheit am Wild-Berghof Buchet

HYT – mobile Übernachtungseinheit am Wild-Berghof Buchet


Hyt was born from the idea to create a mobile hotelroom situated on a green meadow, by the pond, or by the game reserve of the Wild-Berghof Buchet near Deggendorf. It should be a touristic concept defined by slowing down. The hausfreunde concentrated on designing varied areas within the 2.5 m by 6 m floor area of the HYT, so that the tiny house appears bigger than it is.


This small building is fully equipped for comfortable overnight stays. The structure takes its design cues from traditional mountain huts, an attribute that is underscored by the all-wood cladding. An original, carefully executed project that transposes the concept of home into a mobile home, and vice versa.


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