ICOON for refugees

ICOON for refugees


ICOON for refugees is a free picture dictionary plus app for refugees and their helpers. A simple book with 1,200 symbols and photos can overcome language barriers. A finger-point on one of the symbols is sufficient to make oneself understood. The non-profit aid-project was initiated by ICOON author and designer Gosia Warrink and team. Here, she designed symbols referring to the specific refugee situation. Financed by crowdfunding and donations, over 60,000 books have been spread in Europe since December 2015.

Statement of the jury

Life is particularly difficult for anyone who finds themselves in a country whose native language they do not speak. The small manual called ICOON for refugees features simple, trenchant and clearly understandable graphics that enable users to make themselves understood at a rudimentary level, until they begin learning the language. An agreeably designed tool that helps make people a bit more independent – and thus freer.


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