The Eyebright is an ultralight, waterproof, breathable jacket utilizing revolutionary Dyneema Composite Fabric. Dyneema fibres reinforce the material, making it the most robust ultralight jacket available. The Eyebright is designed and cut with climbing in mind, but has been utilized in many different outdoor activities. With our brand’s roots in alpine climbing we strive to find the line between functionality and simplicity, the Eyebright is no exception, stripping away all unnecessary features.

Statement of the jury

The Eyebright sports jacket combines extreme lightness with a high level of robustness, wearing comfort and water resistance – a perfect item for outdoor sports such as climbing. The well-crafted design does away with all superfluous visual details in favour of focussing 100 % on functionality. A fantastic product that makes perfect use of the latest high-tech fibres.


Excellent Product Design
Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure