Berker R.8

Berker R.8


Berker R.8. The filigree design of the new Berker R.8 Series switches with a wall mounting thickness of only 3 mm fascinates from every perspective. The use of real materials such as glass, stainless steel and aluminium impresses with the combination of design and materiality. Round inserts are combined with sharp-edged frames. Berker R.8 is the best choice to underline a minimalist and modern interior design.

Statement of the jury

The new Berker R.8 switches feature perfectly proportioned, exact geometric shapes and high-quality surfaces, and are notable for their extremely flat design. The elements interlock with each other precisely such that barely a groove is to be seen – an attribute that underscores the product’s high-quality appearance. The use of genuine materials such as glass, aluminium and stainless steel creates authentic tactility, and even the way the switches click speaks volumes about the product’s superb quality. An extremely beautiful line of switches which, as a product family, revisits a classic design concept in a surprisingly new way and that blends harmoniously into various architectural environments.


Excellent Product Design
Building and Elements



Studio Aisslinger, Prof. Werner Aisslinger