The NES scooter is an electric vehicle with a lively spirit that respects the environment. Agile and fun to ride, it is particularly suitable for running around town and shining on out-of-town routes. It’s available in moped and motorbike versions, both approved for two people, with a battery rechargeable in three-four hours and a range of 80 to 100 km. A design object with wooden appliqués that expresses yearning for authenticity and nature. Its unmistakable style and 72 different combinations make the NES truly unique.

Statement of the jury

NES has come up with an electric scooter with a design that meets the highest standards from the standpoint of both form and function. Despite the minimalist nature of the product’s design – an attribute particularly in evidence in the seat – the company’s design philosophy has been retained throughout all models. A superb, clear and altogether distinctive design that is enhanced still further by the use of wood and that makes the scooter a joy to behold.


Excellent Product Design